Zip Blinds Fabric Oem With Good Price-Smartex

Smartex Tuff Screen is ideal for Zip Track Binds system.

Produced with a denser construction, Smartex Tuff Screen still allows considerable light and air flow transmittance. Compared to other insect screen products, Smartex Tuff Screen offers a better handling and installation experience.

Ideal for any situation where you seek a better view with improved airflow and insect protection.
Greater openness provides 20 percent better airflow, allowing light and breezes to flow through.

Smartex Tuff screen is made of vinyl-coated polyester insect screening, ideal for use in high-traffic areas, pet resistant & tear & puncture resistant, 3 times stronger than regular insect screening, excellent for use in patio & porch enclosures as well as windows & doors, installs like regular insect screening. This product adds a great value. It is highly durable and very easy to use.



Tuff Screen Polyester Pool & Patio Screen

Material Polyester
Mesh size 16x14
Weight 220g/m2
Yarn Diameter 0.4mm(0.013”)
Color Black, Charcoal
Roll size 36", 48", 60", 72", 84, 90",   108", X 100ft or customized
Application Patio door, swimming pool


Application scenarios   

Product Advantages

  1. Pest resistant: You and your guests don't have to worry about being bitten by insects while having fun. Your pool screen will prevent its lights and moisture from attracting unwanted insects.
  2. Durable: These screens are known for their durability. They will always protect you from everything from neutral elements to hard objects such as golf balls from your pool.
  3. Cats and dogs protective: Unfortunately, many people today have outdoor cats. These cats are not only known for strays, but also curious. Even if you are the owner of your dog, your pet will naturally be curious. The last thing you want is to put these animals in danger. With a screen enclosure, you can rest assured that these pets will not be injured.
  4. UV resistant: Sometimes pool screens are bleached by UV light, but this never happens with Smartex screens.



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