Pleated screen window

Pleated screen window is pleated insect screen produced with aluminum profiles, pleated insect screen net, PVC accessories. It can be installed both for standard windows and skylight roof window. It is also DIY screen window kits. Comfortable and environmentally friendly protection from flying pests.

Pleated fly screen as a one or two-part folding door, as a folding curtain for windows and as a pleated blind for skylights

Pleated fabric can withstand everyday bumps and returns to its original position.

For both recess fit and face fit

Solid and light-weighted aluminum profiles. Any RAL color is available

You can also choose from over 650 different standard RAL colors for the fly screen frame at no extra charge.


 High-quality pleated fabric that automatically returns to its original position after everyday bumps

high quality polyester fabric in black or gray extremely tear-proof, UV and weather resistant optionally in either black or gray.


Sunshade plus version is available

Dural function pleated screen window is a clever combination of our pleated insect screen and a sunlight blackout fabric. The screen comes in two parts. One side is fitted with our semi transparent pleated mesh. The other side has a blackout pleated fabric. Both sides retract into a side cartridge so they are invisible when not in use.


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