Mosquito net for bed

Mosquito nets are essential if you live or travel in a mosquito-stricken area. Our mosquito nets provide you with the right anti-mosquito measures. This is a huge mosquito net mosquito net, suitable for cribs, double, full size bed. The design of the interior is very spacious, and the net is completely folded, the opening is closed, ensuring that the little vampires are far away!
Mosquito nets provide the ultimate natural protection for mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

100% polyester mesh

100% hexagonal polyester mesh With or without door open Many colors are available, white, pink, green, blue, etc. But whtie color is more common


Various sizes are available, Sizes can be customized

Common sizes: 60cm(Dome diameter)*250cm(height)*1250cm(Perimeter)-double 60cm(Dome diameter)*230cm(height)*1200cm(Perimeter)-double 40cm(Dome diameter)*230cm(height)*600cm(Perimeter)-single


Different pacaking, catering to different customers' needs

Package Option 1: PE bag+color label Package Option 2: Cloth bag+color label



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