Magnetic screen door curtain Size adjustable

Smartex screen door curtain is made from durable polyester mesh which can withstand thousands of going through. And it is lightweight enough for children and small pets to go inside and outside of the house freely. The magnets seal the gap together quickly, so you don't need to help your pets to close the door.
A pair of the whole piece of magnetic strips in the middle secured no gap between the two panels so that no fly nor other annoying bugs can come through
No tools nor push pins are need when installing. The hook&Loop fasten tapes can ensure the frame is long-lasting.

Key advantage:
* size adjustable can be cut into desired sizes, while others can not;
* with the whole piece of the magnetic strip inside, can be closed seamlessly, completely keeping the bugs out;
* Clearview polyester mesh doesn't compromise outside view

Whole pieces of magnetic strips through up and down

Whole pieces of magnetic strips through up and down, no gap between, completely keep the bugs outside; Walk through no need hands, automatic closing with powerful magnets Size adjustable, can be cut into your doors' sizes; Color options: Black, grey, brown, white, etc


Polyester bettervue mesh

Polyester bettervue mesh provides improved ventilation and light transmittance to let you see the view, not the screen Pet friendly and children friendly


White box or color box package



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