Extensible screen window

Sliding insect screen is installed without drilling, without special tools or cutting, by simple extension. Then simply lower the shutter on the frame to keep cool while airing. Adjustable width without cutting.

Composed of 2 solidarity frames, the extensible insect screen widens by simple sliding of these frames. In this way, it adapts to your shutter width without previous cut. Completely removable, it is positioned in the slides of the shutters in the blink of an eye. Without having to drill or screw to keep it in place. Go down your roller shutter until it's over and you're done: Air you're protected!

The standard size is 50x70cm, 50x75cm, 70x100cm, 75x100cm. it can be used in wood, metal or vinyl hung windows and rolling doors.

The adjustable screen has a width adjustment approximately of 28-10inches. The mesh is fiberglass fabric. The constituent parts include: aluminum frame, plastic corner,and sealing strips. The aluminum color is white, brawn etc. The sealing color can be black and light blue. A loop strips of the window can improve the sealing performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows and reduce the impact of aluminium alloy window and window/door frames.

Traditional European design. Solid aluminum frames

Frame colors: White, grey, brown, or customized


High-quality cleaview PVC-coated fiberglass mesh

Available in black or grey color, UV-resistant, fire-retardant, Excellent outside view


Standard sizes are available

The standard size is 50x70cm, 50x75cm, 70x100cm, 75x100cm   


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